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關於我們 / About Us

緣月咖啡為一個香港品牌,也是全球最具權威性的咖啡協會 《精品咖啡協會》的會員。我們致力推行咖啡文化及咖啡品鑑理論給大家。



咖啡豆批發 / 咖啡店開店用品查詢 :
email : sales@entsukicoffee.com
whatsapp : 95493065

Entsuki Coffee is a Hong Kong brand and a member of the world's most authoritative coffee association "Specialty Coffee Association". We are committed to promoting coffee culture and coffee tasting theory to everyone.

The main products include Drip bag. In addition to focusing on different coffee producing areas, we also focus on the flavor, and we have compiled "Moon Light" and "Fruity Paradise" drip bag for our customers.

In addition, we will communicate with other cultural workers in Hong Kong from time to time, such as the latest drip bag coffee series "Hong Kong Illustrator". We have selected 5 designers to design packaging bags for us, hoping to introduce coffee to customers More Hong Kong culture.


Coffee bean wholesale / Cafe setup inquiry : 
email : sales@entsukicoffee.com
whatsapp : 95493065