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WPM KD330(BK) 單頭鍋爐配雙泵意式咖啡機 Single Group Boiler Dual Pump Espresso Machine


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外型 Appearance 不鏽鋼外殻 Stainless Steel Body
程式設定 7檔萃取壓力 7-level adjustment of extraction pressure
  4種預浸程序 4 Pre-infusion programs
  7檔蒸氣速率調整 7-level adjustment of steam flow rate
  一杯及兩杯份量 1 Cup and 2 Cups Volume setting
  微調水溫設定 Temperature Setting: 88-96°C
熱水管 Hot Water Tube 獨立設計 Available
儀錶 Gauge 壓力錶+LCD顯示器 Pressure Gauge+LCD Display
泵 Pump 15巴雙震動泵 Dual 15 bar Vibratory Pump
  4巴蒸汽泵 4 bar Steam Pump
加熱系統 Heating System 0.7L 渦爐 0.7L Boiler
  PID 控溫加熱塊 PID Thermoblock
  設有超級蒸汽加熱塊 Super Steam Thermoblock
蒸汽棒 Steam Wand 360 度移動幅度 360-degree Movement
  3 孔設計 3 Hole
沖煮頭 Group Head 58mm不銹鋼沖煮頭 58mm Stainless Steel Group Head
供水 Water Supply 2.5 公升水箱,能作出水位提示及設有過濾器 2.5L water tank, able to provide water level warning and water filter
電壓 (伏) Voltage (V) 220-240 伏/ 50-60 赫茲 220 - 240 V/ 50-60 Hz
功率 (瓦特) Power (W) 2300-2750 
(深*闊*高; 毫米)
(D*W*H in mm)
淨重 (公斤) Net Weight (in kg) 22.8