Order over $150 with Free Delivery (PRC, HK, Macau only) 滿150蚊免運費 (只限港澳內地)

Shipping policy

於香港購物滿HK$150及於境內送貨,即可免費享標準送貨服務。於晚上6時前完成訂購及付款,最快更享翌日安排送貨 (不適用於星期六、日及公眾假期)。


送貨服務時間和範圍以速遞公司為準。而貨物送達時, 請確定貨物之包裝或外箱完好, 並點算訂購數量是否相符。




順豐運單條款和條件 (sf-express.com)




如您需更改送貨地址、日期及 / 或時間、加入額外購買貨品並要求一同送貨、或更改已購買的貨品,您須於送貨前最少24小時前致電職員(上午9時至下午6時,並不包括星期日及公眾假期)或經電子商店的指定方式聯絡我們作出安排。




Delivery within Hong Kong and order over HKD 150 will have free delivery service. If the order finished ordering and payment before 6:00pm, we may be able to deliver on next day (Except Sat, Sun and Public Holiday).


The delivery schedule will follow 3rd party delivery company's standard. When the goods is delivered to you, please check the packaging and carton box is in good condition, and the quantity is correct.

When the goods arrived to 3rd party delivery company the responsibiltiy of the goods will be own by customer.


SF Express terms and condition on delivery:

順豐運單條款和條件 (sf-express.com)


We will adjust the delivery schedule if the payment by credit card has delay in confirmation. Entsuki Coffee is not responsible for the loss due to the delayed delivery from above.


If the order has changes in address, date / time, or request new item and would like to deliver together, or there is changes in item / quantity, you have to contact our staff 24 hours before delivery. (Office hour: 9:00am to 6:00pm, except Sat, Sun and Public Holiday).


If there is issue on delivery due to security guard approval of entrance to the permise, Entsuki Coffee has the right to ask customer to take the goods from our store, and not arrange delivery. If there is any dispute, Entsuki Coffee reserve the right for final decision.