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WPM 450cc 潮汐藍 無柄拉花杯配矽膠套 Navy Blue Handless Pitcher with Silicone Carrier的副本


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450cc 圓咀 Round

鋼拉花缸 Steel Pitcher + 矽膠套 Silicone Carrier 

無柄拉花杯可更直觀控制水流和力度,特別適合製作對流壓紋圖案 矽膠套清洗拆卸方便,防滑隔熱,握感更佳。

The handleless drawing cup can control the water flow and strength more intuitively, especially suitable for making convection embossing patterns
The silicone cover is easy to clean and disassemble, non-slip and heat-insulated, and has a better grip.