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Timemore 123go 泰摩 三合一便攜咖啡沖煮器


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最大磨豆容量:60g | 高度:295mm | 直徑:86mm
自動滴水器容量:225ml | 玻璃分享杯:400ml
電池:3.7V | 800mAh*2 鋰電池
重量: 840g | 電壓:7.4V/DC | 功率:20W

Capacity 60g l Height 295mm l Diameter 86mm

Battery 3.7V l 800mAh*2 Batteries

Weight 840g l Electricity 7.4V/DC l 20W

Material : PCTG, ABS, PP, Glass, Steel


1. 單次持續研磨不可超過60g
2. 請勿在0-2格內研磨極淺極硬的咖啡豆
3. 磨豆機機身禁止水洗
4. 禁止使用快充充電器,建議搭配使用5V 1A~2A適配器
5. 請勿在機器工作時,不必要的晃動或摔打機器,以免損傷馬達
6. 請勿在機器啟動後,用手觸碰轉動的刻度調節盤,以免受傷
7. 粉罐最大容量60克,請勿在粉罐填滿後,繼續研磨


1. Don't grind coffee bean more than 60g at once;

2. Don't use the 0-2 settings for the light roasted bean;

3. It is not water resistance;

4. Don't use super power charger, suggest to use 5V 1A-2A;

5. Don't shake or move during the grinder is on;

6. When the motor is on, please don't open the bottle;

7. the container capacity is 60g, please don't grind the coffee bean when the container is full;

8. dripper area capacity 15-20g.