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(Pink) CAFEC Flower Dripper 粉紅色三洋花瓣濾杯 有田燒


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容量 Volume : 1-2人 / cup

花瓣濾杯通過使水從中心向外循環,保持深層過濾層。 為了防止令人不快的味道進入咖啡液,需要更快、更順暢的水流。 經過長時間的研究,CAFEC終於達到了這個理想的花形! 由於水不會留在濾杯中,所以從頂部倒出的水量和從底部流出的水量可以保持相同。 您可以享受最佳風味的咖啡而不會產生令人不快的味道。


Petal filter bowls maintain a deep layer of filtration by circulating water from the center outward. Faster, smoother water flow is required to prevent unpleasant flavors from entering the liquid coffee. After a long period of research, CAFEC has finally achieved this ideal flower shape! Since the water doesn't stay in the colander, the same amount of water can be poured from the top as from the bottom. You can enjoy the best flavored coffee without unpleasant taste.