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Loveramics DRIPPER STAND ( Metallic ) 愛陶樂 濾杯托 (金屬色)


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Works with 3rd party coffee drippers, eg: Origami Drippers, Hario Glass Dripping body. 02 size preferred.

設計用於與 Loveramics 的 Brewer's 咖啡濾杯配合使用。在沖泡過程中保持您的濾杯直立、穩定且美觀。
Designed to work with Loveramics’ Brewer’s Coffee Drippers. Keeps your Drippers upright, stable and presentable during brewing. 

收藏 Collection : Brewers
公式化描述 Formulised Description :
濾杯托 Dripper Stand
包裝 Packaging : 禮物盒 Gift Box
材質 Material :
矽膠/不銹鋼 Silicone/ Stainless Steel
產地 Country of Origin : 中國 China
單位 Unit : 件 PCS
包裝長度 Package Length (cm) : 12.2
包裝寬度 Package Width (cm) : 12.1
包裝高度 Package Height (cm) : 3.3
容量 Capacity : 0
包裝重量 Package G.W. (g) : 220
設計師 Designer :
Simon Stevens

Simon Stevens是屢獲殊榮的產品設計師,並且是陶瓷設計的推廣者。Simon與世界上一些最負盛名的陶瓷製造商合作,並在整個英國就該主題進行了教學和演講。他領導著生活方式品牌的設計團隊,現在在倫敦的Simon Stevens Design Studio中繼續他的設計生涯。Simon的創造力使他的設計成為了Victoria & Albert Museum和Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art的永久收藏品。
Simon Stevens is an award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. Simon has worked with some of World's most prestigious ceramic manufacturers and has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK. He has headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continues his design career in the established Simon Stevens Design Studio based in London. Simon's dynamic creativity resulted in his most successful designs being in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art.