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Hario 陶作坊 懷汝窯 01 濾杯 V60 Ru Ware 01 Dripper


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After the rain, the sky and the blue clouds are clear, the color will come.

The shape of Ru porcelain is graceful and elegant, the glaze color is even and smooth, and it is as bright as a pile of fat. Green in blue or blue in green with some sparkling shine. 

The glaze surface is split or perfect without any crack, both of which are unique. Behind a piece of Ru kiln work is the memory and admiration of the gentle and elegant Song Dynasty. Looking closely at the changes in the surface of Huairu, under a high-magnification magnifying glass, there are layers of bubbles, and the time and space are frozen when they leave the kiln. 

The sky blue crack, which is not perfect but it looks perfect, has the thoroughness of deep thinking, and the pink green is warm and restrained. Beautiful and moist like dripping fat, showing the beauty of single-color and multi-layered glaze. 


品名 : V60 懷汝窯 01濾杯 
Name : V60 Ru Ware 01 Dripper

容量 Volume : 1-2杯 / Cup
材質 Material : 陶土、釉料 Clay, Glaze
產地 Origin : 台灣製造 Taiwan
尺寸 Size : 長 Length 119×寬 Width100×高 Height 82 口徑 Diameter95 mm
重量 : 300g