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WPM ZD18(WH) 白色商用咖啡研磨機 WPM ZD18(WH) Commercial coffee grinder (White)


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外型 Appearance 不鏽鋼機身 Stainless steel body
功能 Features 定時研磨 (一杯/兩杯設定) 1 Cup / 2 Cup Grinding Time Setting
  觸控操作螢幕 Touch Control Panel
  觸碰式研磨開關 Tact Grinding Switch
  可調節出粉嘴及手柄支架 Adjustable Grind Outlet and Portafilter Fork
磨豆 Grinding 範圍:意式 Grinding range: Espresso
  無級研磨調節 Stepless Grind Adjustment
  刀型:75mm平刀  75mm Flat Burr
運作 Operation 自動 Automatic
  導向沖煮手柄 Direct to handle
沖煮手柄架 Handle Holder 有提供 Available
豆倉容量(克) Hopper Capacity (g) 1200
電壓(伏) Voltage (V) 220 - 240 伏 / 50 - 60 赫茲 220-240V~ / 50-60Hz
功率(瓦特) Power (W) 550-650
尺寸(深*闊*高; 毫米) Dimension (D*W*H in mm) 390*177*550
淨重(公斤) Net Weight (in kg) 20