Order over $150 with Free Delivery (PRC, HK, Macau only) 滿150蚊免運費 (只限港澳內地)

付款方式 Payment Method


如果有額外的送貨費用,這些費用將在您付款之前另行進行確認。您必須於我們接受產品訂購後30天內自行收取 / 安排送貨。如未能於30天內完成,我們有權取消訂單,並會扣除單據上產品售價之30%作為行政費用,餘額將退回客人。


The e-shop accepts our designated credit card, debit card or other designated electronic payment methods for payment, and the value of all products is calculated in Hong Kong dollars. The price of the goods in the store may be sold in our physical store, and the price of the goods in the electronic store on the day of order shall prevail.

If there are additional delivery charges, these charges will be additionally confirmed prior to your payment. You must collect/arrange delivery by yourself within 30 days after we accept the product purchase. If it cannot be completed within 30 days, we have the right to cancel the order, and will deduct 30% of the sales price of the product on the order as an administrative fee, and the balance will be returned to the customer.

All items ordered online must be delivered and received at our sole discretion and from stock. record.