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泰摩 黑鏡 Basic 2 (2023新版) 手沖電子磅 (黑色) Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2 Pour over Scales (Black)


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measure within 最大量重 2kg

accurate精確度 0.1g

Type-C charger充電

1. It is forbidden to use the power supply with fast charging function. It is recommended to use a 5V 1A-2A adapter for charging.
2. Please place it on a level and stable table for use.
3. Do not use it during charging.
4. This product is powered by a lithium battery. Please do not charge it after the power is exhausted. It is recommended to charge the lithium battery as you use it.
5. When the timing function is not turned on, it will automatically shut down after 3 minutes of standby; when the timing function is turned on, it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of standby (standby means that there is no change in the measurement).
6. The surface of the panel is waterproof, and beware of liquid entering the gaps and charging ports of the fuselage.
7. The internal structure of the equipment is precise, and unauthorized disassembly is prohibited.
8. The equipment is guaranteed for 1 year, and unauthorized disassembly or man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.
9. This equipment is a hand-brewed coffee aid and cannot be used for trade settlement and other measurement occasions.

1. 禁止使用快充功能供電器,建議使用5V 1A-2A適配器進行充電。
2. 請放置於請放置於水平且平穩的檯面上使用。
3. 充電過程中禁止使用。
4. 本產品使用鋰電池供電,請勿電量耗儘後充電,鋰電池建議隨用隨充;若電量消耗完,約有十分鐘的充電保護時間,期間無法正常使用。
5. 計時功能未開啟時,待機3分鐘後自動關機;計時功能開啟時待機15分鐘後自動關機(待機是指計量無任何變化情況下)。
6. 稱面板表面防水,謹防液體進入機身縫隙及充電口內。
7. 設備內部結構精密,禁止私自拆卸。
8. 本設備1年保修,私自拆卸或人為損壞不在保修在範圍。
9. 本設備為手衝咖啡輔助器具,不可用於貿易結算及其它計量場合。