Order over $150 with Free Delivery (PRC, HK, Macau only) 滿150蚊免運費 (只限港澳內地)

退貨及退款 Return & Refund

一般情況 :

注意: 不設無理退款/退換


• 任何訂單之更換及退貨均不會退回運費。

• 您於收取貨品時(包括送貨或自取)必須立即檢查所訂購之貨品是否存有損毀及齊全。若發現所訂購之產品出現破損,可致聯絡我們安排更換貨品。

• 如果我們同意你有權更換產品,但所要求更換之貨品已經售罄,我們會退回相關款項給您。

• 在接受產品交換之前,請向我們出示購物收據正本或相關的電子收據。

• 我們有權拒絕因貨品外觀問題及配件不齊全之原因,更換已簽收之貨品。如所送贈品有損毀,我們將會安排盡快補發。


• 在產品送貨後而包裝已被打開,我們不會安排產品更換。

• 更換之貨品必須連同完整包裝、配件、說明書一併退回。

• 更換之貨品必須沒有損壞、損毀及曾經濕水之現象。

• 貨品必須與所有購買時所附送之贈品一併退還,否則我們將從退款中扣除該贈品的價值。

General :

Note: No unreasonable refund / exchange

In general, we do not accept any requests for product exchanges or order cancellations.

• Any exchange or return of any order will not refund the shipping fee.

• When you receive the goods (including delivery or self-pickup), you must immediately check whether the ordered goods are damaged and complete. If you find that the product you ordered is damaged, you can contact us to arrange a replacement.

• If we agree that you have the right to exchange the product, but the item requested for the exchange is sold out, we will refund the relevant money to you.

• Please present us the original purchase receipt or the relevant electronic receipt before accepting the product exchange.

• We have the right to refuse to replace the signed goods due to the appearance of the goods and the lack of accessories. If the gift is damaged, we will arrange to reissue it as soon as possible.


• We will not arrange product replacements after the product has been shipped and the packaging has been opened.

• Replacement products must be returned together with complete packaging, accessories and instructions.

• Replacement items must be free from damage, damage and moisture.

• Items must be returned with any free gifts included with the purchase, or the value of the free gifts will be deducted from the refund.


課程條規與細則 :

1. 課程的咖啡機及設備,食材,將由我司負責。

2. 課程的內容,會因應當日學員進度,而有所調整。

3. 惡劣天氣安排﹕
3.1 8號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號:倘若8號或以上熱帶氣旋警告信號除下時,距離活動開始時間不足2小時,當日活動將延期。
3.2 若黑色暴雨警告信號在活動前經已生效,活動將延期,直至黑色暴雨警告信號除下。倘若黑色暴雨警告信號除下時距離活動開始時間不足2小時,當日活動將延期。

4. 取消課堂安排﹕
4.1 確認取消後,已支付的費用不獲發還。
4.2 上課地點因疫情不能開啟,會安排延期上課。

5. 課堂改期安排﹕活動前3天確認延期,將不收取附加費用。如未能於活動前3天確認延期,我司將收取港幣500元的行政費用。


Course Terms and Conditions :

1. Our company will be responsible for the coffee machine, equipment and ingredients of the course.

2. The content of the course will be adjusted according to the progress of the students on that day.

3. Inclement weather arrangements:
3.1 Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above: If the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is lowered and it is less than 2 hours before the event starts, the event will be postponed on that day.
3.2 If the black rainstorm warning signal is in force before the event, the event will be postponed until the black rainstorm warning signal is lowered. If the black rainstorm warning signal is lowered and it is less than 2 hours before the start time of the activity, the activity will be postponed on that day.

4. Cancellation of class arrangements:
4.1 Once the cancellation is confirmed, the fees paid will not be refunded.
4.2 Due to the epidemic situation, the class location cannot be opened, and the class will be postponed.

5. Class rescheduling arrangement: If the postponement is confirmed 3 days before the activity, no additional fee will be charged. If the postponement is not confirmed 3 days before the event, our company will charge an administrative fee of HK$500.