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Minos 600ml 有蓋手沖壺 綠色 hand pour pot with lid


定價 $369.00



容量: 600 ml

長寬: 直徑9cm x 高12cm(不含蓋子)

材質: 304不鏽鋼壺身,304不鏽鋼+尼龍壺蓋,尼龍把手

* 建議不要直火加熱,以免產生危險
* 請勿使用鋼刷清洗,避免破壞產品

Product Specifications :

Capacity: 600ml

Length & Width: Diameter 9cm x Height 12cm (Without lid)

Materials: Stainless Steel Body, Stainless Steel and Plastic Lid, Plastic Handle

* It is recommended not to heat the product directly to avoid danger.
* Do not use steel brush for cleaning to avoid damaging the product.