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包括 印尼野生麝香貓咖啡Kopi Luwak, 曼特寧mandheling, 阿拉比卡Arabica 等。

推行 自己咖啡自己煮。Brew coffee ourselves。

咖啡豆批發 / 咖啡店開店用品查詢 : sales@entsukicoffee.com

Mainly sell precious Specialty Coffee beans.

Including Indonesian wild civet coffee Kopi Luwak, mandheling, Arabica and so on.

Promote Brew coffee ourselves. Brew coffee ourselves.

For coffee interest classes, you can customize the coffee taste and brew method (espresso coffee, latte, pour over coffee, Japanese ice drip coffee), from grinding coffee beans to brew. 

Have resident barista, learn and play.

Coffee bean wholesale / Cafe setup inquiry : sales@entsukicoffee.com