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印尼帝王曼特寧咖啡豆 Indonesia King Mandheling Coffee Bean


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Bean type: Arabica 阿拉比卡
Process : Full Wash 水洗
Roast level : Medium Dark 中深烘

Aroma : Cocoa, Spicy 可可, 辛辣
Flavor: Cocoa, Caramel 可可, 焦糖
Body : Heavy 厚
Acidity: Citric, acetic 檸檬, 醋酸
* Long aftertaste 長回味


*強烈的餘味,可延續2- 3分鐘(味道濃郁)

帝王曼特寧咖啡是Tanah Karo的曼特寧咖啡。僅使用完全紅色的水果進行優質加工。山區乾燥過程中要避免高溫。人手選擇獲得的生豆,以使咖啡缺陷率低於1%。帝王曼特寧咖啡具有辛辣,濃烈的巧克力味。極好的甜味和良好的酸度。中等至大膽的厚度。真正突出的是長達2-3分鐘的餘味。使用PROBATONE12烘焙機烘焙至Full city(中度烘焙)。

* Rich aroma, sweet chocolate taste

*Strong aftertaste, lasting for 2-3 minutes (strong flavor)

King Mandheling Coffee is Tanah Karo's Mandheling Coffee. Only completely red fruits are used for high-quality processing. Avoid high temperatures during the drying process in mountainous areas. The green beans obtained are manually selected so that the coffee defect rate is less than 1%. King Mandheling coffee has a spicy, strong chocolate flavor. Excellent sweetness and good acidity. Medium to bold thickness. What really stands out is the 2-3 minute aftertaste. Use the PROBATONE12 roaster to bake to Full city (medium roast).