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Subminimal 免蒸氣便攜拉花奶泡棒 NanoFoamer V2 Milk Foamer Latte Art Equipment


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AA 電池供電的手持式牛奶起泡器能夠為家裡的拿鐵藝術製作咖啡品質的優質微泡器。適合您的卡布奇諾咖啡、拿鐵咖啡或純白咖啡的完美泡沫。
The AA battery-operated handheld milk foamer capable of making premium cafe-quality microfoamer for latte art at home.  Perfect foam for your Cappuccino, Cafe Latte or Flat White.


Makes superfine microfoam

Microfoam milk has bubbles so fine, you don't even see them anymore, the milk is transformed into a velvety texture. Pouring this milk is more like pouring wet paint, than it is pouring foamy milk.

Speed: 3000RPM

Dimensions: 234x35x35mm

Weight: 104g

Waterproof: Yes