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法國 Jean Lenoir 香味訓練套裝 Jean Lenoir Coffee Sensory Kit (6 aroma)


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法國 Jean Lenoir 咖啡品鑑套裝 


大小﹕140 x 100 x 30mm

6 款香氣包括:
辣味:8 辣椒

花香:12 咖啡花

果香:14 黑醋栗

動物:18 牛油

烘焙口味:25 焦糖、29 烤榛果

- 附1本插圖小冊子描述了每種香氣的芳香族、其氣味特徵及其在世界咖啡中的存在,以及咖啡種植、烘焙和沖泡的藝術。


Paper box, size: 140 x 100 x 30 mm, weight: 215g .

Made in FranceOur aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions.

6 major aromatic notes of coffee from the 5 most distinctive aroma groups:
Spicy note: 8 pepper. 

Floral note: 12 coffee blossom. 

Fruity note: 14 blackcurrant-like. 

Animal note: 18 butter. 

Toasty notes: 25 caramel, 29 roasted hazelnuts.

- An illustrated book describes the aromatic group of each aroma, its odoriferous features and its presence in the world’s coffees, as well as the art of coffee growing, roasting and brewing.