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Goat Story - 智能手沖咖啡壺 GINA Smart

Goat Story

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Reddot 設計大獎🏆智能手沖咖啡壺-GINA。設計時尚,特設藍牙手機Apps,令沖煮過程增加樂趣,沖煮,品鑑紀錄一個Apps完成。

👇GINA 有幾叻👇🏽
- 沖電式手沖咖啡專用磅
- 1-2人份,V01濾紙合用
- 連接手機Apps支援 IOS/Android
- 智能咖啡沖煮紀錄

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Reddot Design Award Smart brewing coffee maker-GINA. The design is stylish, and the Bluetooth mobile apps are specially set up to make the brewing process more fun. The brewing and tasting recording are completed by one app.

GINA how smart is there?
-Special scale for Pour over
-1-2 servings, combined with V01 filter paper
-Connect to mobile apps support with IOS/Android
-Smart coffee brewing record

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