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聖誕限定麝香貓咖啡掛耳包8個禮盒 (貓屎咖啡) Christmas Limited Kopi Luwak Coffee Drip Bag 8Packs Set


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Bean type 豆種 : Arabica 阿拉比卡
Process 處理法 : Luwak Process 麝香貓處理
Altitude 海拔高度 : 1300M
Roast level : Medium City+ 中深烘

Aroma 香氣 : Caramel 焦糖, Cocoa 可可
Flavor 風味 : Honey 蜂蜜, Black tea 黑茶, Palm sugar 棕櫚糖, Cocoa 可可
Body : Medium to Heavy 中厚
Acidity : Citric 檸檬, Lime 西檸

Kopi Luwak被認為是世界上最好的咖啡。Kopi Luwak的咖啡迷觸及了世界,從美國,日本到歐洲。在美國,一杯Kopi Luwak的價格高達100美元。Kopi Luwak是由麝香貓食用的咖啡櫻桃製成的咖啡。因為沒有被完全消化,所以排出的麝香貓糞便仍以完整種子的形式存在。在麝香貓的消化過程中,蛋白水解酶吸收到豆子中,裂解咖啡蛋白,從而產生大量的游離氨基酸。結果,Kopi Luwak的味道和香氣比普通咖啡更豐富。消化過程中發生的發酵還降低了Kopi Luwak的苦味。Kopi Luwak使用Probatone12烘焙成Medium City+。

Kopi Luwak is considered the best coffee in the world. Kopi Luwak's coffee fans have touched the world, from the United States, Japan to Europe. In the United States, the price of a cup of Kopi Luwak is as high as $100. Kopi Luwak is coffee made from coffee cherries eaten by civet cats. Because it is not completely digested, the excreted civet feces are still in the form of whole seeds. During the digestion process of the civet, proteolytic enzymes are absorbed into the beans to crack the coffee protein, thereby producing a large amount of free amino acids. As a result, Kopi Luwak has a richer taste and aroma than regular coffee. The fermentation that occurs during digestion also reduces the bitterness of Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is baked into Medium City+ using Probatone12.